1. What was your first motorcycling experience?

I suppose it was being placed on the front of the seat on my dad’s Honda CRE 250 enduro bike when I was about two. My first proper ride was at the legendary Tommy’s Farm in Mid Wales at three years. I remember I couldn’t turn a corner without falling off and was too small to pick the bike up!

 2. What is your current bike?

Currently I am riding a Husqvarna TCX 250 for off road and a not currently working 2002 R 1150 GS that my folks got me for my 21st. I love it, it’s done like 60,000 miles but looks like it’s been round the world 5 times!

3. What bike would you most like to ride/own?

I really wanna ride a Maico 490, an ’81 model, the last of the twin shock era, they look like they rip! It’d be cool to ride an old factory Dakar bike too, anything from the 90’s.

4. What was your hairiest moment on a bike?

Hairiest moment on a bike is difficult, I’ve been pretty lucky and not had many big crashes really. I did have a moment joking around with journo Chris Northover. We tangled bars pretending to race and almost ended off the edge of the fire road.

 5. What was your most memorable ride?

My most memorable ride has the KTM freeride launch in Morrocco. Maybe it’s because it was recent, but riding only donkey tracks for six hours a day in the Atlas mountains was truly awesome.

6. What would be the ideal soundtrack to the above?

I think maybe Manchester Orchestra’s Simple Math album. It’s a big, emotive, ‘epic’ album, I really like it.

7. What do you think is the best thing about motorcycling?

It’s always fun, especially Off Road. The thrills can be just as good at 10 mph as at 50, and come rain or shine it puts a smile on my face. It lets me see really unique places too and see things in a different way to most people.

8. What do you think is the worst thing about motorcycling?

Washing your bike and changing air filters! I hate them both, apart from that it’s truly flawless! Oh and road riding in the rain, that is rather unpleasant too.

9. Name an improvement you’d like to see for the next generation?

That’s difficult, I am the next generation right? On a serious note, I’d like to see places for off road staying open. I just hope regulations don’t go too far in regards to safety too, that we can keep the sport sensibly.

10. How would you like to be remembered?

I’d like to be remembered as being pretty relaxed, I like to think I am!


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