Good vibrations

Life has been good to me this month. I have managed to keep all the balls in the air and even find some time for a bit of a life on the side. Work – I Cleenz Macheenz – has been going well with some interesting projects including a 1977 Bentley crankcase. It is a real honour that customers trust us with such high-end components. It can only be a testimony to our attention to detail and our drive to make things better than the original. The bills are getting paid and even the landlord hasn’t managed to rub me up the wrong way!

In home life my young lady friend hasn’t asked too much of me and we have even had the date night she has wanted for an age! She is very understanding towards my somewhat oddball tendencies and is always there after a shit day for a bit of TLC.

My mob has also been celebrating the engagement of my brother to his lovely partner, the joining of the two families has really reminded me how important and irreplaceable family are to us all. They are our kind of people, they appreciate family values, look after each other, and know how to party. Long live the Smith – Franklin union.

Personal life has been well too, I have tackled the never ending task of getting all my clothes in the wardrobe, rather than all over the floor. I have picked up and shaken off a crippling Grand Theft Auto addiction. A friend who has just started work after university has rejuvenated my stance on mid-week pub meets, you really can go out and have fun on just a couple of pints!

With everything going so well elsewhere, and with the onset of autumn upon us, it’s no surprise really that I have had a shit one in biking terms. My winter trousers have basically rotted to nothing having been left, damp, in a bin bag for over 6 months. My fault entirely, but I thought plastic stays on earth forever and never degrades etc. How come my bottoms are the exception to this rule?? I am reminded that winter gloves really are a necessity, I have made do over the last three years, but I think, after serious white finger trauma, I’m getting soft and a proper pair is needed this year. And bugger me are proper decent gloves expensive.

The recurring theme of blowing bulbs and getting pulled has continued; I honestly can’t see why a pilot light isn’t good enough around town? That’s a rhetoric question, of course I understand the importance of proper lighting, I just need the spare hour or two to fit a Honda regulator and hopefully solve the problem. However a shocked look and “Oh has it blown again” seems to have kept her majesty’s finest happy, but fuck me, I ought to have shares in Auto-lec the amount I am in there at the moment!

At the beginning of the month, I had to go and see my friends down at Watling Tyres on a Monday morning for a valve tear that could have been avoided by keeping the tyre pressure at the correct p.s.i., but hey ho, lesson learnt!

I have been learning that life isn’t always good, easy or straightforward. One aspect will always be behind the others, and to keep your chin up and press on is the measure of a man. I remind myself about all the good things I have going on, and keep it in the back of my mind that with the swings and roundabouts of life, it won’t be long before I am drifting on a high plane again!

Stay happy and keep the rubber bit on the road!

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