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10 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hello Dave love the magazine, have not read it for a while and would like to download previous issues. The problem i am having is when i add them to my basket in the shop section and checkout it charges me postage costs. My understanding was that the mag is still downloadable but for a small £1 fee, or is it printed and posted out?

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Rocco,

      If it’s trying to charge you postage I’d suggest that you’ve probably included a book too. Have a check and if so remove “The Carin’ Sharin’ Chronicles” (unless you were actually looking to buy one of course) and you should be OK.

      If that doesn’t do it please get back to us.

  2. Hi again Dave tried to purchase one magazine earlier and had the same problem again. On the checkout it charges me £1 for the mag and a flat £2 shipping rate, making it come to a total of £3 altogether.

  3. Hi again Dave just to let you know I managed to download a different issue of the mag instead of issue 179, which appears to have the postage cost problem, other issues of the mag appear to not add this cost at the checkout.

    1. Hi Rocco,

      Thanks for pointing that out and narrowing it down to issue 179. It turns out that we had failed to tick a box saying it was a ‘virtual’ copy and that was why it was trying to charge you.

      It’s all sorted now so if you’d still like to see 179…

  4. Hi Dave I have put an article about our trip to the delhi moto expo this year. it has taken a bit of time to get it together and it is my best stab at getting something down for submission
    How do I get it to you if you would like a look?
    cheers Iain

  5. Hi, can you help? Us oldies at work were trying to remember the name of The Rider’s Digest founder – was it Roger somebody?


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