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14 thoughts on “Subscribe

    1. I’m glad you asked that question Mark because it reminded me that there was nothing on this page to explain why anyone would want to.

      I hope that the statement above answers your question.

      Dave Gurman ~ Editor

    1. As easy as that Matt, you are no longer on the subscription list.

      This is not an automated system so anyone who’d like to be removed simply send us an email requesting that we take you off and we will honour your wish.

  1. I missed the monthly emails since you changed the system. It’ll be nice to have them back and I don’t mind paying for the pdf copies. I was feeling guilty, getting so much for nowt.

    Do you still have a contact for sending copies of the old paper Rider’s Digest out to BFPO addresses? I’d like them to be enjoyed by someone else who appreciates them.

    1. Hi Mike, it’s good to have you back and I’m glad that our minimal charge helps assuage your guilt. I’m afraid that I no longer have access to the old archive because as you’ll see if you read my editorial in the latest issue (186, which is a freebie BTW) Digest Towers isn’t quite as towering as we might have had you believe.

  2. I’m confused, I searched for The Riders Digest so that I could subscribe to the mag delivered. Is there a paper copy of the mag published or is it only .pdf now?
    BTW the last time I subscribed was Jun 09 – it was hard copy then

    1. Hi Pete, I’m sorry to inform you that The Riders Digest is only available in this online version or as a PDF now. The printed magazine went bust in September 2011.

  3. Hi,
    I see that Neil Waugh is a contributor to this website. I’ve lost contact with Neil over the years and I’m trying to get back in contact with him – to discuss old Italian bikes of course. If anyone can give me a number or email address for Neil I’d apprreciate it.
    Derek Wardell

    1. Hi Derek, I have forwarded your email address to Woffy and as you want to talk about his favourite subject, I’m pretty sure you’ll hear from him soon.

  4. Hi, can’t remember if I’m subscribed or not… it’s an age thing I guess! Can you make sure that I’m on the “yes please” list. Still enjoy the read whenever I get the chance.
    Nick Lojik

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