The PDF of issue 192 of The Rider’s Digest is available to download absolutely free from our online shop HERE and as usual it is rammed full of the best motorcycling writing anywhere on the Internet.

Within its 142 pages, alongside all our regulars we have a brand new Girl Biker, a report on the Excel London bike show, touring in Southeast Asia, a pictorial feature from Rykas in Boxhill, tips on motorcycling investments and a repeat from one of TRD’s favourite contributors Lois Fast-Lane.

Check the contents page below for more details or better still download the PDF and enjoy the whole thing on your tablet or computer at your leisure.

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One thought on “The Rider’s Digest issue 192 – Spring 2016”

  1. Hi Dave
    Its been a while since I dropped you a line and as I’ve just finished the latest TRD I have to say its once again a really good read.
    Its great to see that new features have been added, as being a bloke riding a motorcycle and reading about other blokes riding motorcycles, its refreshing to see that you’ve added a metaphorical peek across the garage at what the ladies are up to. The addition of, The Girl Biker, Speaking Spanners by Saskia Ashton and Menstrual Cycles ~ Motorcycles by Lois Fast-Lane, each give an excellent insight into their biking lives and I look forward to hearing how the new riders get on.
    Lois’ article is well written and covers a natural part of live in a matter of fact way, with just the right amount of humour to keep it light and gives a really good insight into the effects of the monthly cycle.
    Having been married for more years then I care to count I hope that I can say that I’m aware of the changes the fairer sex go through each month and though I can’t possibly comment on what might be happening to the chemical balances inside the female brain during “that week” I have seen how this can effect their abilities, as Lois so well describes, including the mood swings and lack of self confidence. Thankfully we’re now at a stage in life where such matters are no longer a part of our lives and the cause of any current mood swings probably really are my fault.
    I like the idea of having an update on bikers cafe’s and meeting places you’re running and read with interest the article “Riders’ Venues” showing some excellent photos of Ryka’s at Box Hill. Its now on my to do list.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best.
    Nick Lojik

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